• Launched pre-sale at a price of 0.000000001

  • Brand awareness

  • First Fruit Meme token launch

  • Attended Crypto Expo Dubai


  • Listed at Pancake Swap

  • Coingecko listing

  • Coin market cap listing

  • Won the Best Crypto Debut Award at Crypto Expo Asia


  • Kill one zero and reach a price of 0.000000013

  • Listed at the top Centralized Exchanges

  • To get in too 1000 at Coingecko


  • MMIT Store launch and partnership with Binance Pa

  • Kill one more zero Mangoswap Launch

  • To Get in the Top 300 At Coingecko


  • Holders to 10000

  • To get listed in the top 10 CEX

  • Mangoswap Launch

  • To get listed in the top 10 CEX


  • Mango wallet

  • Mango Man owns a blockchain

  • Kill one zero To get in the Top 200 MMIT

  • Decentralized staking

  • To get Listed in the Top 5 CEX


  • To get listed at the Top 3 CEX

  • More soon

  • To kill 1 more zero

  • To get listed at the Top 3 CEX

  • Mango Metaverse launch

LEGAL CONSIDERATIONSThe Mango Man project, including its token, website, and smart contracts, is not a licensed financial or payment service in any jurisdiction. The terminology used in this paper is not intended to have any legal meaning. It is a community-driven project with no centralized governance, and its smart contracts are open-source and unchangeable.The Mango Man token is strictly a utility token and is not regulated in any way, nor is it an investment opportunity with any expectation of profit. Users should seek appropriate advice before using Mango Man due to the inherent high risk of using blockchain and cryptosystems. Mango Man provides a user-friendly credit card interface on its website and is built on Binance Smart Chain with faster block times and cheaper gas fees than Ethereum.

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